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MB Piland Publishes Creative Guide Book

mbpiland bookCulturing Creative, a guidebook for fostering the curiosity and creativity that solve everyday problems has just been published by MB Piland. Written and illustrated by Martha Bartlett Piland, the book is designed to help anyone be more creative.
“So many people tell me they’re not creative,” says Bartlett Piland. “But being creative is really just being able to think differently. It’s looking at a problem in a new way and finding an unexpected solution. Sure, some people are more gifted. But they also relentlessly work and hone their craft.”
“Creativity solves problems, engineers spaceships and builds brands,” says Bartlett Piland. Culturing Creative was developed especially for people who want to discover—and harness—their creativity.
The book contains Rules of Thumb, brainstorming methods, exercises and blank pages for individual practice. Edited by Alexandra Reilly and Margy Walter, Culturing Creative is available on amazon.com at this link:
MBPilandAbout the author:
Martha Bartlett Piland established MB Piland Advertising + Marketing in 1998. The agency has a reputation for razor sharp strategy, killer creative and a focus on internal audiences that make external marketing exponentially stronger.
Martha has made numerous presentations to local, state and national organizations and as far away as Canada and China. She regularly speaks on creativity, internal / external brand alignment, marketing strategy and leadership. She is widely regarded as not only a marketing industry expert, but as an innovative entrepreneur and business leader as well.

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