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20 Under 40: Brendan Jensen

20 Under 40: Brendan Jensen

Photo by Nathan Ham

City CouncilpersonCity of Topeka

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Management of Information Technology Systems, Colorado Technical University

Hometown: Rogers, AR Fiancé: Dr. Amber Beckley

Age: 33

3 Words: Creative Hardworking Fun

Role Model: Thomas Edison never failed at anything; he just figured out a number of ways to make something that didn’t work. No one ever benefits from pessimism, and continuing to say something can’t be done will never get the idea off the ground. We can’t be afraid of failure or we will never try anything. At the same time, we need to remember that sometimes simply giving up when things get tough is also not an option.

Superpower: Dad Jokes, they make everyone laugh. Mostly at me. ;)

Accomplishments Most Proud Of:

Personal: Getting Elected to City Council. Showed how much the community believes in me.

Career:Starting my own business. Always been a dream to work for myself.

At this point in your life, what do you know for sure? That I must live every day to the fullest.

“Brendan has established himself as one of Topeka’s leaders. A strong proponent of a revitalized downtown, he has purchased a building to help accelerate the revitalization process. He is always eager to provide his time and resources to better Topeka. His election to the city council is truly representative of his commitment to doing whatever he can to be a leader for our community.” - Vince Frye, Downtown Topeka, Inc.

“Brendan always has excellent, creative suggestions and participates in a community group with a positive manner.” - Larry Wolgast, City of Topeka Mayor

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