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20 Under 40: Sabrina Womack

20 Under 40: Sabrina Womack

Photo by Nathan Ham

Hometown:  Topeka, KS Spouse:  David Womack Kids:  Miah (13), Emma (5), Clara (5), Brenna (3)

Age:  33

3 Words: Compassionate Dependable Loyal

Role Model: My mother has overcome so many obstacles in her life: moving halfway across the world from Germany, learning English, teaching herself life skills, having children, losing a child. Even with all that has been thrown at her, she still remains a woman of strength and grace.

Best Advice Received: Give everything you’ve got to everything you want. My dad always told us kids to work hard for what we want, nothing comes easy.

Superpower: Compassion. I always try to look beyond first impressions and give people the benefit of the doubt. A lot of times circumstance is what has made people who they are, and who am I to judge before giving someone a chance to prove their worth.

Accomplishment Most Proud Of: Being honored with this year’s Top 20 Under 40. I am humbled to be nominated and honored to be considered worthy of this award.

At this point in your life, what do you know for sure? That it’s not over yet!

“Sabrina is one of the founders of the nightly meal program, SilverSupper and the driving force behind its expansion to two additional community centers. Yet despite her vast impact in our community, Sabrina’s name is one that you will not hear often. She is the most humble individual that one will ever have the pleasure of knowing—often too quick to encompass many in the gratitude that she receives for her individual accomplishments.” - Janice Watkins, Children’s Advocacy Resource Center, Kansas Legal Services

“Sabrina has successfully groomed several volunteers into co-leads which not only sustain the program, but allowed us to further expand the program to a third location, Garfield Community Center. She illustrates the epitome of volunteer spirit every day and is always willing to jump in and help where help is needed. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and work hard to see that whatever effort we are attempting is completed to perfection.” - Veronica Wooten, Silverbackks, Inc.

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