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Keeping the wheels turning

Keeping the wheels turning

By Samantha Egan
Photos by Emma Highfill, Rose Wheat Photography

Since taking ownership of Cycle Zone Powersports in 2013, growth has been a constant factor for Jon Haas to contend with. But, for him, that was always the goal.

“The cost of keeping the store open was marginal, in terms of having a big enough market space,” Haas said. “We needed to be a multi-line dealer, so we could increase our customer base.”

Multi-line indeed. Once a motorbike destination, Cycle Zone now sells mowers, golf carts and boats, carrying major lines such as Yamaha, Bad Boy Mowers and Tracker Boats.

“We want to get our arms around every power sport we can,” Haas said. “We take on those new lines, and it takes a bit of time to get our name out there, but now we’re seeing more customers coming into the store to look around.”

Screenshot 2019-05-24 22.32.51.png

More products quickly filled up storage space, particularly the boats. To keep up, Cycle Zone will open an additional showroom at its location off of US-24 this summer.

Haas said he expects to see a 50 percent increase in sales this season as a result of their additional products, new showroom space and marketing efforts to gain name recognition. Given his growth mindset, Haas said he sees even more expansion in Cycle Zone’s future.

“We want to give our customers all of the product we can,” Haas said. “They usually have to go to Kansas City to buy power sport vehicles. We’re trying to be a one-stop show for anything outdoor power sports.”

Keeping up with the growth can be a challenge for employees, but Haas said building a strong team has been instrumental.

“Finding a really great group of people has really been the success,” he said. “Everyone working together as a team has really made it enjoyable for me.”

As for staying knowledgeable on all the new product lines, Haas said it comes naturally to the team.

“It takes a lot of time, but the guys have been really enthusiastic about each new product,” he said. “Everyone is an enthusiast, and when you like something, you naturally want to learn about it and become better at it.”

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