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Competitors to Collaborators: Century Business Technologies & Dynamic Computer Solutions

Competitors to Collaborators: Century Business Technologies & Dynamic Computer Solutions

Photos by Emma Highfill, Rose Wheat Photography

During the past year, several companies have acquired local businesses with complementary areas of expertise and compatible cultures. These acquisitions not only offer more opportunities for strategic growth, customer service, and employee recruitment and retention initiatives but strengthen Topeka’s economy and support a focus on quality of life too.

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Merging entails multiple factors, from consolidating data systems, software and office space to integrating teams and informing customers about expanded capabilities. Recently blended accounting firms, financial institutions, and document management and IT support firms share the benefits they have already derived and the hurdles they have overcome as they have transitioned from competitors to collaborators.

Century Business Technologies began as a copier company before expanding into IT and software applications through a series of acquisitions. Mark McCabe, chief business development officer, says, “As we became more entrenched in providing additional network services to our clients, we wanted to be more inclusive in our capabilities so we could handle all of our clients’ business needs.”

Since Century Business Technologies and Dynamic Computer Solutions had previously collaborated to serve shared client needs, conversations about their respective capabilities ultimately led to an acquisition finalized July 31, 2018.

Lawrence Reynoso, Century Business Technologies executive vice president, says, “We’re dedicated to our clients and our employees and our company’s longevity, which means we have to be able to adapt to changes in the marketplace and anticipate and handle whatever our clients might be contemplating. Since we had been one of Dynamic’s customers, we already knew the expertise and experience they could bring to Century.”

McCabe agrees. “Years ago if we went to a business to sell a copier and the owner didn’t need one, our conversation was over. Today we’re selling comprehensive document management and network solutions so we always have options to discuss what could help owners run their operations more efficiently.”

Merging People
With 63 employees in six locations statewide, Century Business Technologies offers multiple business options, from document solutions to managed IT support and cloud-based phone services. Cross-training opportunities across different computer systems also allow the company to capitalize on team members’ talents and technical expertise.

Recognized as one of the top 100 Pros Elite dealers in the country, Century Business Technologies’ commitment to meeting stringent industry standards demonstrates its emphasis on attracting and retaining exemplary employees and elevates the cache of its workforce.

“With this designation, we have access to mega-dealers five times our size to learn about best practices and resources we can make available to our clients,” says Reynoso.

Century Business Technologies is also one of 70 top dealers in the Copier Dealers Association and one of only 40 firms with a Ricoh Service of Excellence designation.

In addition to professional development, Century Business Technologies’ employees want more work/life balance, which appeals to employees of the combined company as well as new hires.

“When we go to Washburn University to recruit, 80% of the people we talk to want to know about the culture, and that may mean anything from wanting to watch their kids’ participate in a school Halloween parade or playing on a company softball team,” says Reynoso, “so we’re mindful of how important those things are to having a satisfied workforce.”

Managing Planning, Platforms and Possibilities
Reynoso and McCabe are also excited about the possibilities their newly combined company has.

“One of the advantages of our acquisition is that before both of our companies had people wearing many hats, so now that employees are able to be more focused on their particular areas of expertise, cross-training aside, we’re able to serve our customers even better,” Reynoso says.

“We’re just a few months in on having Dynamic onboard, and we’re already bigger and deeper with the services we can provide our customers through our multiple locations,” adds McCabe. “Our document management services combined with Dynamic’s IT expertise means customers only have to make one call to get whatever need they have handled.”

Contributing to the Community
Century Business Technologies provides two days a year for its workforce to volunteer for a local cause and sponsors group outings for activities like Pilots hockey games, even providing tickets to Topeka Rescue Mission families.

Both Century Business Technologies and Dynamic Computer Solutions have been active with Sales and Marketing Executives, the Greater Topeka Partnership and Momentum 2022, and McCabe and Reynoso emphasize that the shared importance placed on community involvement is a key aspect of their collaboration.

“Investing in the Topeka community benefits everyone—our employees, our clients and the causes we support,” says McCabe.

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