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Special Beer Brewed for New Governor

Special Beer Brewed for New Governor

The Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant announces the introduction of a new beer called "Kelly's Kölsch."  This one-time-only beer was brewed specifically to honor our new Governor Laura Kelly.

John Dean, our Brewmaster has been tasting this beer as it matured and has decided it is ready to drink as of today, and so we have put the beer on tap at the Blind Tiger Brewery.  It will be on tap as long as the current batch lasts.

Kelly's Kölsch will be served in our family restaurant by the glass, and is available while it lasts in Growlers and Squealers to take home as well as in Blind Tiger kegs for home use.

Here is wishing our new Governor Laura Kelly a very distinguished term in office!

Description of Kelly's Kölsch

Kelly’s Kölsch      4.8% ABV,   16 IBUs

A light German style beer brewed with wheat malt.  489,337 of Laura Kelly’s Heroes turned out and voted her Governor of Kansas!  We thought we would brew a beer to commemorate such an accomplishment.  Kölsch is a light style of beer that originated in the city of Cologne, Germany.  To create this brew we started with malt that was designed specifically for the production of Kölsch beer.  The yeast is an authentic Kölsch beer strain that produces a very bright and snappy beer.  This brew is golden in color with a soft, floral hop nose.  Crisp and clean, the mild malt character gleams.      

About the Blind Tiger Brewery

The Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant is one of five craft breweries in Topeka at this writing, and is the largest and oldest.  The Blind Tiger Brewery brews about 1,350 barrels of Craft Beer each year, which is about 350,000 glasses of beer consumed each year by a thirsty city!

The Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant has been brewing and serving great fresh local Craft Beer at 37th St. and Kansas Ave. in Topeka since May 1, 1995.  Every day there are about 20 great tasting Craft Beers on tap at the Blind Tiger Brewery.  No matter what your taste in beer you can happily satisfy your thirst at the Blind Tiger Brewery.  Our selection of fresh, local Craft Beer goes from light to dark, from mild to strong, and from malty to hoppy.  That’s why we say “Beer Brewed for Every Mood.”  The Blind Tiger Brewery was voted Best Brewery in "Best of Topeka 2018."

The Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant is a full-service family-dining restaurant with a delicious menu featuring Steak, Pasta, Seafood, and Barbeque.  Seating over 300 diners, the Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant is the largest locally owned restaurant in Topeka.  We are open 11:00 to 11:00 Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00 to 12:00 Friday and Saturday.  We are a small, locally owned and operated Topeka company, serving wonderful food, staffed by Topekans, serving over 800 meals each day to happy Topekans.

Some come for the food and stay for the beer, some come for the beer and stay for the food.

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