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Bran-damage: 10 sneaky things that poke holes in your brand

By Martha Bartlett Piland

Brand_with_a_holeSneaky, insidious little inconsistencies in your brand add up to big holes. That means you have to work harder or spend more to overcome them—unless you act quickly. Read on for our top 10 things to watch.

take a brand-ventory

Use our list below as a starting point, then get to work on making sure your brand is polished inside and out.

  1. everyone is using a different email signature format
  2. employment ads don't articulate your purpose or brand attributes
  3. you don't pay attention or respond to comments on review websites and social media
  4. uniforms or name badges aren't in tip-top shape
  5. corporate events or retreats are at odds with your brand and purpose
  6. the website isn't mobile-friendly
  7. after-hours phone messages are sterile and at odds with the corporate image
  8. employees don't follow graphic standards when they create PowerPoint presentations or handouts
  9. the intranet hasn't been updated in months so employees don't know what's happening
  10. corporate swag (pens, cups and tchotchkes) are low quality or downright cheap

patch them up ASAP

Most of these things are inexpensive to fix, but repairing the results of their combined negative effect can be costly. Whenever any audiences–employees, customers or prospects—come into contact with your brand, make sure it flawlessly builds loyalty, trust and credibility.


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