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Business Case for Breastfeeding

We will have Brenda Bandy on TK Business LIVE next week to talk about a business case for breastfeeding. Here are some details. Many employers in Kansas are interested in supporting an employee’s choice to continue breastfeeding after returning from maternity leave. Women with children are the fastest growing segment of the workforce. In the US today, more than 75% of all new mothers choose to nurse to give their babies the best nutrition and health benefits possible.

Employer benefits to supporting their breastfeeding employees include the following:

  • Fewer sick days for breastfeeding employees
  • Lower health care costs
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Positive image of a family friendly employer

Employers can best offer support to their breastfeeding employees with as little effort as providing a small, private room (not a toilet stall or restroom) in the workplace where breastfeeding employees can express their milk for a few minutes during usual breaks.

For more resources on workplace support services for breastfeeding employees, as well as information about the new federal law addressing this issue, visit The Business Case for Breastfeeding website at www.KansasBusinessCase.com or contact Brenda Bandy, bandy@kansasbusinesscase.com or (785) 477-4666.

Providing support services for breastfeeding employees is win-win for everyone.

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