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CRC Announces Awards of Excellence Winners

CRC Announces Awards of Excellence Winners

2015 Awards of Excellence – Individual
Lynn Hultquist

Lynn Hultquist is an arborist and horticulturist, Lynn helped establish the Topeka Tree Team, an all-volunteer community beautification service organization. Lynn also coordinated a partnership between dedicated stakeholders in the public and private sectors in order to provide free aesthetic improvements all across Topeka.



2015 Awards of Excellence – Non-profit
CASA of Shawnee County.

Every day a child in our community experiences abuse, neglect or tragic loss. CASA helps to build up these special children and make Shawnee County a better place to live for all children. CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates, consist of a strong network of trained volunteers committed to advocating for every child or sibling group thrust into the court system.

2015 Awards of Excellence – Business
Advisors Excel

Advisors Excel partners with independent insurance producers and financial advisors across the country to improve services and the customer experience.  Advisors Excel is not only generous with their monetary giving for various philanthropic events in our community; they have created a culture in which employees are encouraged to regularly volunteer their time for charitable agencies and events throughout the year.  This year Advisors Excel partnered with numerous organizations in order to give back to the community.

2015 Awards of Excellence – Government Agency
Topeka Municipal Court

The mission of the alternative sentencing court is to create an environment in which defendants with mental health needs are matched with appropriate services to enhance the defendant’s success while simultaneously reducing recidivism and creating a safer community. This specialized program was designed to address the unique needs of defendants who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness and are charged with violations of City of Topeka criminal ordinances.

2015 Awards of Excellence – Longstanding Community Organization*
The Villages

The Villages, formed by Dr. Karl Menninger, provides stable, emotionally supportive homes for children and youth in need; these homes function as a family-style setting rather than an institution or orphanage. At any given time about 70 young people reside in one of the Villages Homes in either Topeka or Lawrence. For over 50 years, The Villages have provided young people throughout Kansas and the Mid-west with the same opportunities every child deserves.

* This is a special, one time, category celebrates CRC’s 90 years by recognizing an organization who has been making a difference in our community for 50 years or more.

Imagemakers Awarded 17 Awards

Kristen Kogl Winner of Washburn Pitch Competition

Kristen Kogl Winner of Washburn Pitch Competition