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Dance as though no one is watching

Written by Kelly Pierce, Chief Marketing Officer at Advisors Excel

“People will watch you not because you tell them to but because you’re so incredible that they can’t take their eyes off you.”

My two girls who are five and two LOVE to sing and dance.

Their favorite songs to sing (and often shout) are Barbie’s “Queen of the Waves” and any song from the “Princess and the Popstar” movie. Last night, Stella (my five year old) was having a performance on “her stage” which consists of our yoga mat in front of our fireplace. Of course, her favorite time to perform is usually when my husband and I are trying to have an important conversation, and she kept asking us to pay attention and hollering at us to “watch me, mommy and daddy! Don’t take your eyes off me!”

My husband responded calmly yet directly to her and said, “Stella, you can’t make people watch you. People will watch you not because you tell them to but because you’re so incredible that they can’t take their eyes off you.”

WOW! I think my husband just won the dad of the year award. Wish I would have thought of that little piece of advice! What a great life lesson.

Sure, of course there’s a place for self-promotion and sometimes we have to be our own biggest cheerleader, but that shouldn’t be the primary focus of why we do what we do.

In whatever we create, do or even try in our lives, we should do it with such gusto and passion and be so amazing that it doesn’t matter who’s watching or paying attention.

We should spend more time and energy on creating and doing awesome things and less time trying to get others to see what we’re doing.

If it’s remarkable enough, people will watch, follow and want to be part of whatever we are doing. Our work -what we actually do and not what we say - will speak for itself!

Kelly Pierce

, Chief Marketing Officer at


kelly pierce

kelly pierce


Kelly’s entrepreneurial instincts, ability to communicate and lead rather than dictate and manage, and commitment to see the overall big picture have allowed Advisors Excel’s 50-person creative unit to run stride for stride with the company’s continued amazing growth.

A Kansas State graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration; Marketing & International Business.

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