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Eyes Are Watching

By Tara Dimick, tara1Kids are supposed to respect and look up to their elders, right? I know I did. I lucked out and got two of the best parents in the world.

As I reflected on memories of my parents and what it was about them that had the most influence on who I am today, I started wondering about how my own kids see me and if I am role model material for them. Talk about a humbling thought. What if I don't measure up?

So, I said a quiet prayer; took a deep breath and asked Hope, my oldest child, what she thought.

Without missing a beat, Hope told me I was courageous. Wow, I thought, my confidence ballooning, she thinks I'm courageous because I own a business and work hard to be successful. That bubble popped as she continued her explanation, "Mom, you have lots of courage because you thought it was funny and weren't scared when we lost our car in the Disney World parking lot. "

"Anything else," I asked.

"You work hard," she said. "Because some days we don't get to see you."

With that, our conversation ended. She had more important things to do than getting drilled by her mom asking for a self-evaluation. And, I was left asking myself if my "working hard" was a double-edged sword. I feel strongly about teaching my kids by example to have a strong work ethic, just like my dad taught me. But, am I working so hard that I'm not showing up when I need to?

Eyes are watching you. What those eyes see may be different from the picture you think you are portraying. Those eyes see and remember the little moments in life, where we have only a second to make the choice to get angry or laugh, like losing our car at Disney World. It is often in these small moments, not during the tough choices and business decisions that happen daily, that you become courageous in another's eyes.

It doesn't matter if you are young or old, a community leader, a parent, a teacher or a businessperson. Eyes are watching and deciding if you are someone that measures up.

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