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I’ll start tomorrow…

By Tara Dimick tarabw2

I’ll start tomorrow…

…that’s my little “diet joke” every day I enjoy an unhealthy meal or indulge in a dessert (or two). Many of us use this same statement in our own business, company departments, or even our personal quality of work when we run out of time or energy to be strategic or innovative.

We use it until we discover at some point we no longer need that excuse. Not because we’ve actually started doing something, but because we’ve pushed off thinking about innovation and strategy for so long, it’s not even worth lying to ourselves to say, “I’ll start tomorrow…”

But when we stop moving forward and land in that place of short-term “comfort” we find the beginning of the end.

So NOW is the time to develop that strategy. NOW is the time to rejuvenate the innovation process within your company.

So… did you just say to yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow?” STOP!

Stop the cycle of mediocrity. Make this year what you want it to be. Be a better employee, a better boss, develop a new product or service, eliminate waste, improve efficiencies, and/or develop a strategic plan and follow it. Dedicate the time now or your business or job may not be there later to say, “I’ll start tomorrow.”

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