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Greater Topeka 20 Under 40: CHRIS FISHER


chriswebAge: 32
Education: Friends University, BS
Hometown: Basehor, KS
Significant Other: Stephanie Schultz
Children: Blake (8)

Role Model:
My late grandfather, Ron Brown, was one of 14 children, born dirt poor in the Ozark Mountains who rose from poverty with a 6th grade education. He taught me humility, the value of a hard day’s work and the satisfaction that comes with it. Most importantly, he continues to help me realize how there is far more to life than having some of the finer things, such as fancy cars, a huge house and a big boat.

Best Advice Ever Received:
“Just be yourself. It’s all you got, it’s all you’re gonna get, and thankfully, it’s all you need.” Advise from Dale Carter, former boss and program director of KFKF-FM

Accomplishment Most Proud Of:
It has to be the evolution of my annual fundraiser, the “Sporting Clays for Kids.”

WOW Factor:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Advisory Board Member.
  • Organized the TARC Sporting Clays for Kids Fundraiser.
  • Capitol Citizen Award 2013 by Capitol Federal Savings and Cox Communications.
  • Leadership Greater Topeka Class of 2013.

“Chris has a true passion for making a difference in the Topeka community and has put that passion into action.”

- Sherry Lundry
Development Director
TARC, Inc.


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Greater Topeka 20 Under 40: BUCK REUTER

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