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Greater Topeka 20 Under 40: NATHAN SCHMIDT

Greater Topeka 20 Under 40: NATHAN SCHMIDT

Photo by Nathan Ham

Age: 36

Education: University of Kansas, BS // Washburn University, BS

Hometown: Hays, KS

Role Model:

My parents. They are both educators and active in their communities. They have dedicated their lives to bettering the future of others and they instilled that desire to make the world around us a better place in my siblings and me.

Accomplishment Most Proud Of:

Rallying the city of Topeka around the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. First, I think it is the most important Supreme Court decision ever rendered, but I also think it encapsulates who we are as a city. This is a city that has never shied away from having the difficult conversation. It has happened with slavery, prohibition, women’s suffrage, segregation, mental health and how we treat the mentally ill, LGBT rights, religion, Native Americans and many more. We have those conversations here and they change the country and the world.

WOW Factor:

  • Voting member of the Joint Economic Development Organization.

  • Chair of Topeka Advisory Board on Community Planning for the Metropolitan Topeka Planning Organization.

  • Persuaded First Lady Michelle Obama to visit and speak in Topeka for Brown vs. Board of Education 50th Anniversary and graduation.

“Nathan is a sincere, solid Topeka citizen with a gift of understanding the community and quietly going about serving in a way that does not draw attention to himself. This is a refreshing attitude to witness: someone who truly wants to improve our community and using their leadership skills to do so in an unassuming manner.”

- Mayor Larry E. Wolgast

City of Topeka

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