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Indecisive Types Need Not Apply – Rich’s Rule # 6

By Rich Drinon If you are a leader, you MUST make decisions. Some will be favorable and some unfavorable. Some will be good and others…not so good. Some will be made in haste and others in hesitation. Over the long run you must hope you are able to solve problems that allow you, your organization and your followers to remain solvent.

Being a problem solver involves at least the following:

• You can solve problems subjectively when you have enough information at your disposal based on experience, education and other easily accessed intelligence.

• You will need to solve problems objectively when situations are more complex, you lack information or need to bring in an objective third party facilitator to help reach conclusions.

• Sometimes you will solve problems intuitively. The answer to your question will come in a flash of insight – often after one or both of the previous two approaches have been employed.

Regardless of the approach, as a leader you MUST make decisions.

For this reason I’ve chosen Be a Problem Solver as Rich’s Rule #6.



Rich Photo Beige Background DRich Drinon, M.A., is President of Drinon & Associates.  He provides group training and individual coaching for leaders, mangers and other executives. www.drinonandassociates.com

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