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jaymeCorporal for Topeka Police Department
Worship Leader for Central Park Christian Church

Bachelors of Liberal Arts from Iowa State University


My Grandpa, Max Dougherty, was everything I wanted to be when I was little. Everything that is important to me comes from what was important to him. The way I love my Lord, the way I love my family, a passion for music and athletics, the need to protect and defend those around me, even the foods I love. Those things were (and are) Grandpa Max, and those things are me.   

Best advice received: 
“Do the next thing.” 
At the lowest point in my life, I asked my mother, Debra Grundman, what I should do next. She said, “Just do the next thing.” When I told her I didn’t understand, she asked me what the next thing I HAD to do was. I told her and she said, “OK, do it,” and the next thing after that, and the next, and the next. The only way to get through this moment is to move on to the next. Originally proposed in a poem by Elisabeth Elliot, the “do the next thing” idea got my mom through the worst of her life and she passed it on to me.

Central Park Christian Church-I’m on staff as the Worship Leader
Southwest Youth Athletic Association-Ken Berry youth baseball coach
Capper Foundation-ICanBike! Volunteer
Invictus (rock band)-Lead Vocalist
Topeka Rugby Club-Alumni
Fraternal Order of Police-member
Topeka Police Department-
Bicycle Unit supervisor, Response Team operator & marksman, Honor Guard member, Defensive Tactics instructor 

"Jayme's commitment to our Topeka community and its residents is evident in how he describes how he strives to be the best that he can be.  He humbly dedicates his daily work to those he protects and defends and his fellow officers.  His passion for being the best he can be while leading others to be at their best is a tribute to his leadership abilities."
- Marsha Carrasco-Cooper, Washburn University Leadership Institute