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jennyOwner of Serendipity, Pinkadilly, Gravity and NOTO Burrito

Bachelors of Business Administration from Washburn University

3 Words to Describe Yourself:

Hero and why?
My hero would have to be my mother. Her drive, commitment and work ethic has taught me so much over the years. At 81 years of age, watching her day to day activities and her never slowing attitude is admirable and commendable

What is your biggest fear?
Although I acknowledge I am very outspoken and blunt, my intention of being straightforward is to never hurt someone’s feelings. I have a huge fear of my directness being mistaken for being hurtful and that scares me to death.

If you had 10 minutes to talk to anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and what would you ask them?
I would talk with my dad whom I lost 8 years ago. I would ask if he has watched me grow as a small business owner and is proud of the path I have chosen. And would really just enjoy the time of hearing my dad’s voice again...hearing him say my name. Cherishing the time with my father and embracing his gruff humor and love.

Please provide a list of the organizations you are involved in and in what capacity?
I am involved in the Merchants Association in the NOTO Arts District, and also Volunteer to decorate a home for the CASA Tour of homes for the second year in the row. Both are important areas to us that not only support our business but also our community.

“Starting a business is stressful and takes the courage of a lion an dthe heart of an angel, Jenny shows both through not only having a vision but taking it through to succesful implementation. In addition, she is a team player willing to share her expertise with others so further initiatives can be implemented. As a leader, her positive energy is contagious and fosters others to join and get excited about many projects. Jenny's ability to organize and implement makes her an outstanding 20 Under 40 honoree.”
- Nancy Johnson, Community Resources Council

Topeka's 20 Under 40