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Last Word with Andy Corbin

Last Word with Andy Corbin

Two years later, he accepted a sales position at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and has continued his career for more than 40 years in the health insurance field. In 2007, he became President/CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.

Q: The health insurance industry has changed dramatically in the past decade. How do you stay nimble in such an ever-changing environment?

A: Change is inevitable, whether it is driven by consumers in the marketplace, federal and state regulatory agencies, technological advances or a new generation of employees. Change is constant.

I am not sure that I would classify us as being "nimble," which implies that we can change quickly.Instead, I would say that we are persistent, always focusing on the end result, which is, of course, service to our members. 

Q: BCBSKS is celebrating 75 years. What makes this such an enduring company? 

A: I think what has allowed us to endure for 75 years is that we have remained true to our core values. We were not the first insurance company in Kansas. We are, however, the product of Kansans who very early on saw the need to pool their resources to help pay for their health care needs.

It is this idea of Kansans serving Kansans that has set our company apart from others. Everyday we serve our neighbors, friends, and family. Our employees live and work in the communities we serve, and recognize the importance of service to their fellow Kansans. We are partners with, not adversaries of, the health care providers in our network. Our dedicated sales team is available to provide year-round service to our enrolled business groups.

Our customer service is World Class, and we process and pay claims quickly and accurately. We create or fund programs intended to help all Kansans be healthier. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is never going to be a huge company, but I am confident that we will always be here for Kansas.

Q: When you look back on your career, what makes you most proud?

A: To lead optimistic, dependable, consistent and community-minded employees.

Q: At this point in your life and career, what do you know for sure? 

A: That good hard working people can solve any problem together.

Q: Who do you admire? 

A: John Dicus, CEO, Capitol Federal Savings. He maintains a family legacy business with conservative values. 

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