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Last Word: Bryon Schlosser

Last Word: Bryon Schlosser

You weren't always in real estate. How did you come to own Coldwell Banker Griffith & Blair? I purchased the company in 1998. After practicing law for 11 years and being in the restaurant business for 13 years, I was looking for an opportunity in an industry that was competitive, that was marketing dependent, and relied on maximizing associates’ potential. I was tunnel-focused on the restaurant business, but when the Griffith & Blair opportunity presented itself, I realized what I wanted in a career existed in other businesses. The variety of backgrounds of people I have met in the real estate industry confirms that skills and disciplines learned in one profession are readily transferable to others.

Who do you admire? That’s easy.  Mom and Dad. Mom for her patience and positive attitude.  Dad for his entrepreneurial spirit.

What are you most proud of? Well, that’s easy too.  My kids are healthy, happily married to great people, and productive members of society.

What are you most proud of at Coldwell Banker? We pride ourselves on creativity, integrity, passion for our profession, and flexibility in assisting our clients to have a great home ownership experience. Whether buying or selling, our company is devoted to a win-win solution for all parties and a work ethic that does not quit.  I love working with these people.

What’s new at Coldwell Banker? Coldwell Banker is the award-winning leader in innovation and technology, so there is always a new marketing technique or information gathering system to learn and use.  Interactive technology has been a theme of some of the new innovations with a focus on features that appeal to sellers. Sellers have largely, up to now, been ignored by the internet.  Innovations in technology are balanced with a focus on personal knowledge of our clients, the real value of a home to them, then finding the right house to make a home. We have also added property management as a service we provide to investors or homeowners who may decide to rent rather than sell. This service has been a great growth vehicle as it creates a convenient option to owners, and a great source of new business for us.

What motivates your team of agents? I think the best motivation comes from being around successful peers. So motivation starts with showing up. We believe motivation gets you started, but successful habits keep you going. If you have the discipline to perform your successful habits, the rewards in a real estate career are unlimited.

What advice would you share with young professionals? Always be giving more value than receiving. Treasure personal relationships. Never be lulled by the magic and convenience of technology into thinking that it is a substitute for personal contact.

At this point in your life and career, what do you know for sure? Discipline forms the basis for good habits that create successful lives and careers. Following a discipline is easy to do. Not following a discipline is easier.

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Expert: Public Relations

Expert: Public Relations

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