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Living a Limitless Life

Living a Limitless Life

Do it, but do it well. If you savor a more Zen-like morning, great! Do it, but do it well. I do my best to not hit the snooze button, mainly because a friend of mine once told me, “Cole, if you hit the snooze button, eventually you will be working for someone who never hits that button.”

STEP 2: Set yourself up for success

Each day I make it a goal to accomplish as much as I can.  I call this my success list.  I make a To Do list and cross out anything that won’t make me successful that day. My goal is to have 80 percent of my overall success come from 20 percent of my major daily activities.

STEP 3: Bring value

You have to live with a win-win attitude and a moral compass that others will want to have. I believe the majority of my success is my ability to solve other people’s problems at a high level. Jim Rohn said, “We are paid in direct proportion to the value that we give to others.” If we don’t live to serve others, what are we really doing here?

STEP 4: Never stop learning

Invest in yourself first. I made a commitment to my family that I would devote every day to learning and growing. I average 80+ hours a year educating myself. I read Forbes magazine and attend anything education based that I can. Being learning-based starts with having a coach because we are not capable of holding a mirror up to ourselves.

STEP 5: Surround yourself with talent

When I started to think in terms of investing in someone rather than how much it would cost me, hiring became easy. Instead of looking at the cost of a 12-month salary, I break it into smaller increments. I tell myself I am only hiring a person for three months at a time. This strategy helps me mentally remove the financial burden so I focus on the investment, not the cost.

STEP 6:  Invest in your future

My goal is to always have at least five income sources so that if the market crashes, I still have my expenses covered. In addition to my real estate business, I also have rental homes, building homes, profit sharing, mutual funds, stocks, and ownership in a franchise. Focus on your checking account, and you will live check to check. Focus on your savings account, and you will grow wealth.

STEP 7: Give to others

You have to create a legacy of giving back to help others. In partnership with the Topeka Community Foundation, we recently launched The Boling Group Smiles, a non-profit that helps kids and families who are in severe need. We will donate to the charity on behalf of any client who uses our services. It’s not about just making money; it’s about the good the money can do for others.



Topeka's Top "20 Under 40" Sarah Lucero

Topeka's Top "20 Under 40" Sarah Lucero