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tara1By Tara Dimick As a business coach and trainer, I work with individuals and groups on how to meet people where they are, how to eliminate distractions and objections to get to a yes, and how to dress the part. These are important tools to success; however, even when wearing those masks, we cannot lose our own identity. In today’s world, our uniqueness has power like never before. That uniqueness enables us to find others with similar beliefs and ideas and use business savvy to be successful in a niche.

Recently my daughter wrote about the struggles of finding her own identity while wearing masks to conform to what society expects. Her young perspective is one that each of us faces every day—the fear of losing our identity as a result of always having to wear a mask, and thus falling into mediocrity.

A mask is a powerful tool, but the mask must come off. Embrace not only your uniqueness but the uniqueness of others, to create and live in greatness.


MASKS By Hope Dimick

It’s almost funny how easily you can deceive There is no challenge You say the words and they believe

The hardest one to deceive is yourself You tell yourself you want something But really you don’t They say you need it to fit in But you want to stand out

I try to deceive myself every day But I fail every time I question myself every day It is hard to confess how much I hide

I drown myself in thoughts as I go to sleep Not someone else's judgment, but my own I am not judged for who I am; I am not hated either But sometimes I hate myself

Hope edit.jpg 2

For not being different For not making a difference I watch myself every day on replay And I want to scream at my mediocrity

People only know one side of me They don’t know what I think

I wish I could shake society up and make it different But the normal tells me NO You don’t want to be different, Do you?

I want to wake people up from their coma of normalcy I want to see if people are actually thinking Or if they are machines, turned on and off with the flick of a switch

Am I different? Do others have masks? If I were different, would you even glance at my thoughts? Or hear what I had to say?

Am I alone with my many masks...



the pitch: Mark Feuerborn & Kaleb Marconette

the pitch: Mark Feuerborn & Kaleb Marconette

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