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unnamed (5)EYE-OPENING EXHIBIT OFFERS MUCH NEEDED PERSPECTIVE It can be easy to lose sight of the good happening in the world—something MB Piland’s ‘See the Good’ photo exhibit aims to change. Comprised of hundreds of submissions from clients and friends, it captures moments of good found all around us.

The exhibit is a pop-up show for the First Friday Art Walk on August 5 and only open that evening from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Hosted in Westboro Mart, ‘See the Good’ serves as a reminder that the world can be a wonderful place—we just need to open our eyes.

“Sometimes as a society, we lose focus and dwell on the negative,” said Martha Bartlett Piland, president and CEO of MB Piland Advertising + Marketing. “We want to redirect the conversation in a positive, creative way. So we invited 100 of our friends and clients to share their vision of good and help us curate this very unique exhibit.”

MB Piland is is donating a pack of school supplies to the Topeka Rescue Mission Children’s Palace and Youth Center, a shining example of doing good in the Topeka community. Donations are still being collected at this time.

Celebrity judges Ralph Hipp, Sarah Carkhuff Fizell and the Reverend Barry Feaker will select the best of the photographs for special recognition. Honorable mentions will also be displayed. The remainder of the photos will be collaged to form a floor to ceiling tribute to goodness.

Summer intern Moriyah Ramberg is leading the ‘See the Good’ project which she describes as “a rewarding experience. I’ve developed so many valuable career skills through leading this event.”

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