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The things you never want to look back on and know you missed an opportunity or made the wrong choice. For some, it's even used in a mantra they live by... "No Regrets."

When you face any change, you weigh the pros and cons of your choice in an attempt to have no regrets. It was part of my transition from managing TK to sitting on the sidelines as an owner while joining Envista Credit Union. I spent weeks evaluating the transition, the opportunity, the loss, the possible regrets, but nothing prepared me for the actual regret I experienced.

It wasn't the career change. Envista is amazing—the people, the work, the opportunity, the product—I couldn't have asked for better.

It wasn't the loss of entrepreneurial freedom. I mean let's be real, to put entrepreneurship and freedom together, at least in the early years, is an oxymoron.

And, it wasn't the loss of decision-making power that comes with being your own boss.

I was prepared to regret losing these things—but surprisingly, I never experienced regret in these areas.

The regret was the realization that I had been holding my company and my team back by wanting to control the process of my business for too long. As I look back I "could have" and "should have" given up my control several years ago to this amazing team.

In my absence, they have cared as much about the advertisers and content as I have; they have held the vision and mission of TK to ensure its quality and standards; and quite honestly, they have replaced me... Beautifully.

My regret—be it because of my ego, the financial fears of ownership or just being a control freak—was that I worked in my business too long when I should have been working on my business.

So what are you doing in your business that you could give up? Where are you letting your control, your ego or even fear stop you from growing? How do you know your team doesn't care as much as you do? Have you given them a chance?

Don't let my regret be yours.

JA Business Hall of Fame: Don Landoll

JA Business Hall of Fame: Don Landoll

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