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Repurposing Space - Topeka Event Center & Topeka Office Suites

Topeka Office Suites When Clark W. Trammell toured the space available on the second floor of a building owned by H. Kent Hollins at 3615 SW 29th Street, he saw more than traditional office space.

“When I walked into the big room, I just got tingly all over,” Trammell said. “I told Kent he didn’t realize what he had here.”

Trammell’s vision included multiple office suites, meeting rooms and a cutting-edge event center. He called in his friend Kevin Doel who operated a similar shared office environment to see if the idea was plausible. Doel agreed that this space could become something unique in Topeka. Trammell, Doel and Hollins stepped in as partners to move the Topeka Event Center and Topeka Office Suites project forward.

“It required a lot of research into existing meeting space in Topeka, and the demand for additional event space,” Doel said.

They had to determine what businesses need and what this new facility could offer that no one else can. What they found was a huge need for executive office space paired with a premiere event center.

“We see an enormous amount of empty office space around town,” Doel said. “We actually have a glut of empty buildings.”

This project took a creative twist to envision something that fits a specific need and is different from other office space out there. All three partners recognized the opportunity in front of them. Trammell brought the talent to the table, Doel organized that talent to move the project forward, and Hollins found a way to use his existing space in a creative way.

“The alternative was for Kent to do what all of the other building owners are doing in town and just sit there with empty office space,” Doel said.

Topeka Event Center is wired for audio/visual with flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi connectivity, and kitchen facilities.

Topeka Office Suites offers eight executive full-service office suites, virtual offices, boardroom facilities, small meeting rooms and a customer lounge. Included in the package are telephone answering services, Wi-Fi, mailboxes and networked access to copiers and printers. Soft business services are also available for a complete turn-key business solution. On-site services include legal and business consulting, accounting and marketing support.

Unique Partnerships

Unique Partnerships

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