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Smash Glam Brings Free Beauty Classes to Topeka's Young Scholars

smashglameThe Kansas City and Topeka Commercial Photography Team, Smash Glam LLC, are excited to announce the 1st Annual Smash Glam Personal Branding Boot Camp: Teen Edition. On Friday, August 12, 2016, The Ladies of Smash Glam, CEO, Tiffany N. Cody and President, Aisha Bullocks, are helping the young women of Topeka get ready for “Back to School” by providing FREE classes on applying easy makeup and styling hair, as well as leadership training for the approaching new school year. Dedicated to building up their community and empowering the youth, Smash Glam aims to help girls get that perfect glow first thing in the morning, to feel confident and ready to take on each day. Guiding them on the Do’s and Dont’s of skin care, basic makeup 101, hair care tips, helping to get in and out of the mirror while still look like a beauty queen. At the end of each Boot Camp, one young lady who exemplifies growth from her experience will earn a FREE headshot with Smash Glam. How to sign up

  • Name, school, grade, future career
  • GPA of 2.7 and above
  • Nomination letter 250 words or less from non-family member
  • Letter explaining why the student should have this opportunity.
  • Introduction, GPA and the letter sent to info@smashglamsquad.com.
  • Submission in by Wednesday, August 10, 2016. Limited to only 6 participants.

    This event will take place Friday, August 12th from 2:00pm-6:00pm at the Smash Glam Corporate Headquarters at 909 N Kansas Avenue, Topeka, KS 66602.


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