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The Best Olive Oils and Vinegars Now Available in Topeka

Topeka, KS, October 31, 2014– Moburts, Topeka’s local family owned company, is introducing premium olive oils and vinegars to their current product line of spices, herbs, sea salts, flavored sugars, and homemade blends. Moburts is carrying premium, high quality extra virgin olive oils along with several high quality infused olive oils. The olive oils are all grown and pressed in California. Moburts is also presenting high quality vinegars - Balsamic Vinegars imported from Modena, Italy and Wine Vinegars from California. 


In the past year, Al Struttman, proprietor, attended a basic and advanced training offered by UC Davis Olive Center to better understand and recognize true extra virgin olive oils. While in California, Mr. Struttman met numerous producers from around the world and toured several olive ranches and olive mills. Moburts is committed to securing domestic sources for their olive oils and wine vinegars. 


Moburts is located at 732 SW Gage between Iwig Dairy and Via's Pizzeria. Store hours are 11 to 7 Tuesday through Friday and Saturdays 9 to 3. 


Moburts opened for business in the spring of 2012 selling spices, herbs, sea salts, flavored sugars, and homemade blends at Topeka's Downtown Farmers' Market. 


With over 220 items, Moburts aims to cater to the needs of all foodies – from chefs to bakers to BBQ enthusiast to everyday food artists to health conscious cooks and everything in between. The addition of olive oils and vinegars furthers Moburts’ goal to provide high quality cooking ingredients to their customers. Moburts’ owners are Topekans, Al and Mary Jo Struttman. 



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