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The Last Word: Q&A with Randy Peterson

The Last Word: Q&A with Randy Peterson

Who has impacted you as a leader?

It is difficult to name just one person. Through my 36 years in healthcare, I have been blessed to work with many great individuals. I have gained from the relationships I have had with trusted colleagues in the healthcare profession.

Building a strong network of peers and colleagues who I can consult and share ideas has been invaluable in my career. Working with great board members who are unpaid, volunteer community leaders has inspired me to always seek to do what is best for the community we serve.

What are you most proud of at Stormont-Vail?

Stormont-Vail and Cotton O’Neil strive for and attain many accreditations and recognitions for being a high quality, service-driven organization. We have attained many Joint Commission Centers of Excellence in Stroke, Pre-Maturity, Joint Replacement, as well as being recognized as a Top Quality Performer. Recognition as a Level II Trauma Center ensures that eastern Kansas has top notch trauma services 24/7/365.

This year Stormont-Vail was recognized as a Top 100 hospital in the United States for our quality, service and financial performance. Our inclusion in the Mayo Clinic Care Network is another example of striving to be a national leader.

But what I am most proud is our 4,500 employees and physicians who provide great care to our patients every day.

What is Stormont-Vail striving for?

Stormont-Vail and Cotton-O’Neil are making the transition from a volumebased reimbursement system to being a value-based system. We have developed and invested in an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and were approved to be a Medicare Shared Savings Project (MSSP) participant. We are redesigning our Primary Care practices to be Patient Centered Medical Homes.

As we move into being Population Health managers, we are focusing on Care Coordination across the Continuum of Care. Personally, I am excited about the shift from sickness care to being reimbursed for wellness.

What advice would you give someone in a new leadership position?

If you want to be a leader, you have to be able to develop personal relationships with the employees and connect with them on a personal basis. Leaders need to enjoy being with people and seeking to understand what their interests and aspirations are for their careers. I think the four most important attributes of a leader are: honesty, forward-looking, inspiring and competent.

What trait should leaders possess?

Every leader must develop great listening skills. A leader must be able to listen, process the information and then repeat back to the individual what he/she has heard from the speaker. Only through great listening skills can you truly understand.

What was a transformational moment in your life?

I grew up in a small community in Nebraska with a population of 800. I was very involved in sports during my childhood and teen years. As I approached high school graduation, I planned to attend a small college in Nebraska with the goal of playing college basketball. My father, who drove a forklift at Hormel Meat Packing, challenged and encouraged me to focus on my education and career development rather than pursuing athletics. I have been forever indebted to my father for this counsel.


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