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The Most Pervasive Challenge – Rich’s Rule # 2

By Rich Drinon Face it…If You Can’t Communicate, You Can’t Lead!

The most prevalent challenge in your role as leader is effective communication.  History and evolution show that communication – especially verbal ability – is the most important skill a leader can possess. Communication is the great ally of leadership.

When asked about the BIGGEST challenge in the workplace, participants in practically every workshop I’ve conducted over the past 25 years have cited communication as the #1 problem. There are several areas, of which the leader needs to be cognizant of what’s being conveyed, including:

  • What you say to others both publicly and privately
  • The buzz in the organizational grapevine
  • Anything the media picks up
  • What you say to your self on a regular basis (creating reality through self talk)

For this reason, I’ve chosen Communicate Effectively, the most pervasive challenge of leadership, as Rich’s Rule # 2.


Rich Photo Beige Background DRich Drinon, M.A., is President of Drinon & Associates.  He provides group training and individual coaching for leaders, mangers and other executives. www.drinonandassociates.com

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