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There’s the Rub – Rich’s Rule # 7

By Rich Drinon Historically the greatest tension in the workplace – or in any organization – is between those who are more concerned with relationships and those who are more focused on results.  This tension is at the heart of both modern day studies on leadership and some of the more popular behavioral style assessments and training on the market today.

As one of my clients says, when talking about his company’s need to serve people AND pay attention to the bottom line, “There’s the rub.”

This requires you – the leader – to manage the tension between relationships and results.  You must meet the needs of those who help you achieve results, and you must continue to get results in order to remain viable and provide for the needs of those same people.

For this reason I’ve chosen All About Relationships…and Results as Rich’s Rule #7.


Rich Photo Beige Background DRich Drinon, M.A., is President of Drinon & Associates.  He provides group training and individual coaching for leaders, mangers and other executives. www.drinonandassociates.com

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