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Topeka's Top 20 Under 40:  Chad Logan

Topeka's Top 20 Under 40: Chad Logan

Chad Logan
Age 31
Logan Business Machines

Chad is a member of the Greater Topeka Partnership’s Small Business Council, North Topeka Business Alliance, and Great American Financial Dealer Council. Involved in Momentum 2022 and the Buy Local campaign, Chad is passionate about serving the community. Recently, Logan Business Machines, donated 75 new printers to support more than 50 nonprofit organizations in the community.

“It is vital for a leader to clearly communicate their values to their organization by beingan example of their own expectation.”

What fuels your commitment to the community? At the end of the day, my business is dependent on this community, and I believe it’s my responsibility to give back and take care of Topeka to the best of my ability.

What do you hope your legacy will be? I hope my legacy is that I approached life and the people in it with enthusiasm, compassion and a determination to help people succeed. If that holds to be true, then the people I was able to help will carry that forward and help countless others achieve success long after I’m gone.

Who is your hero? My hero is my Grandpa, Hal Logan. He took care of himself and his parents growing up, literally hunting to put food on the table. He did this all through high school while playing football, basketball and baseball. Although he loved sports and wanted to play in college, he decided to leave school and go to work to support his family. While everyone told him he couldn’t do it, he started his own business and 46 years later it’s still going.

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