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travisExecutive Vice President of CAS Constructors, LLC

BS & MS in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University


My father, Charlie A. Stryker (CAS), is my hero.  No matter if it was family, business, or a professional or non-profit organization, if you were around him you felt like you had his complete focus and drive to get what you wanted accomplished.  His ability to motivate and then provide the needed support for people and organizations to excel and grow was amazing.  I experienced this when considering my career path before college.  He kept me focused on what I was passionate about and provided his support for that passion, never trying to influence my path towards his.  

He taught me early in life the importance to seek out and identify people’s strengths; what motivates them and how to find ways to keep them passionate about the organization they are involved with.  I also learned from him that it is critical to build and maintain strong relationships throughout your life.  It is these relationships that will assist me in accomplishing my goals.  His examples of being actively involved in the community where we live, work and play have guided me down my own path of community involvement.  

Best advice received:
My mom always advised me to give my all in everything that I do.  

Biggest fear:


  • Kansas Children’s Discovery Center – Chairman of the Board    
  • TARC Foundation Board - Treasurer
  • Topeka Active 20-30 Club - Member
  • Kansas State Society of Professional Engineers – Topeka Chapter President
  • Kansas Water Environment Association – Board Member & Young Professional Trustee

“At a rather young age Travis was left with a difficult decision at the death of his father, sell his father’s business or take on the challenge himself.  Travis decided to take the challenge.  Travis has not simply taken over CAS Constructors he has expanded it.  His commitment to the CAS Constructors and its employees is only exceeded by his commitment to the community.”
- Nathan McAlister