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YE Students Earn Profit and Business Experience at Market Days

YE Students Earn Profit and Business Experience at Market Days

Topeka Market Days - 1 (1)

Topeka Market Days - 1 (1)

Topeka’s Market Days started on Oct. 15 at Topeka High School and concluded on Nov. 19 at Topeka West High School, visiting five schools in between. Forty-one high schools in Kansas and Missouri took part in this year’s events,garnering the following results:

  • Total sales: $147,260

  • Total profit: $60,193

  • Average Sales: $425

  • Average profit: $142

  • Average ROI: 94%

  • Max revenue: $3,573

  • Max profit: $3,073

Each Market Day is a highlight for the students participating in the YE program. To prepare, students create a small-scale business plan, then take part in Wholesale Field

Trips to a variety of businesses, including:

  • Harvesters

  • Trash Mountain

  • Tasteful Olive

  • PTs Coffee

  • Hazel Hill Chocolates

  • 712 Innovations

  • Caterpillar

Each field trip gives students the opportunity to witness manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers’ day-to-day operations. Students bid on venture capital provided by YE to purchase goods from wholesalers on their field trips. They then return to school and sell the purchased goods to fellow classmates at school. Once the initial investment from YE is returned, the students are allowed to keep their profits.

“Market Days is a one-of-a-kind event for YE students across Kansas and Missouri,” said Priscilla McInnes, Youth Entrepreneurs northeast region director. “From visiting local businesses to developing their business plans, students gain hands-on experience running a small-scale business and confidence to pursue their entrepreneurial

In addition to Market Days, Youth Entrepreneurs’ students participate in classroom competitions and work with community business leaders to enhance their business skills for future endeavors, including entrepreneurship and higher education. The goal of the curriculum is to stimulate economic thinking skills, encourage intelligent risk taking, provide practical business expertise, and instill independence and personal

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