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20 Under 40: Emma Starkey

20 Under 40: Emma Starkey

Photo by Nathan Ham

Education: Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Ceramics, University of Kansas

Hometown: Meriden, KS Spouse: Jared Starkey Kids: Amelia (2)

Age:  25

3 Words: Bold Creative Charismatic

Role Model: Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Women’s rights champion, trailblazer, notorious RBG.

Best Advice Received: “If you invite influential people to your meeting and don’t allow them the opportunity to speak, they won’t come back.” - Harry Craig

Superpower: Crippling sarcasm.

Personal Accomplishments Most Proud Of: Tearing my body in half to birth a child, of course.

At this point in your life, what do you know for sure? The thing I value most is authenticity. I surround myself with people who will always be honest and frank, and appreciate me for doing the same.

“Ms. Starkey was an integral part of the team that developed the Shawnee County Community Health Improvement Plan. She utilized her experience and passion for the community to develop partnerships that will ensure success as the Community Health Improvement Plan is implemented in Shawnee County. - Allison Alejos, Shawnee County Health Agency

“She is constantly looking for ways to improve access for those that are less fortunate and to find ways to make Shawnee Count a more livable community for all.” - Allison Alejos, Shawnee County Health Agency

“Over the last few years, Emma has been working with over 100 not-for-profit or for-profit groups in our community to encourage a shift in thinking on how we assist those in need in our community.” - G.R. Laughlin, Community Resources Council

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