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20 Under 40: Jamie Stafford

20 Under 40: Jamie Stafford

Photo by Nathan Ham

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Washburn University

Hometown:  Topeka, KS Spouse:  Jason Stafford Kids:  William (3), Johanna (1)

Age:  31

3 Words: Compassionate Diligent Trustworthy

Role Model: There are multiple people that have positively impacted my character. Larry Robbins has helped me develop professionally and taught me to demand respect. Allan Towle is a tremendous example of dependability, and has taught me pride in giving back more than you can get.

The individual that has most prominently influenced the direction of my life is my mother, Patti Bossert. She is a true example of service above self. She has instilled in me characteristics of loyalty, trustworthiness, and dependability. I admire her strength and professionalism in the workplace and community.

Best Advice Received: Early in my career, a mentor said, “Jamie, you need to tape a mirror to your monitor.” Naturally I took offense; but I did it. I have learned to smile more and it has made a great impact in my relationships.

Superpower: X-ray Vision. I have the ability to see the potential of people to be productive and successful. I use my superpower every day for the good of our community, whether it is in matching local adults with employment opportunities or fitting children in low-income homes with a brand new pair of shoes.

Accomplishment Most Proud Of:

Personal: I lead a group of wonderful volunteers through Topeka South Rotary’s Sole Mates program and we have distributed over 1,000 pairs of shoes and socks to Topeka kids. Having a properly fitted, decent pair of shoes may seem trivial but it affects health and confidence which could mean the difference between academic excellence and a child who struggles.

Career: Becoming a Certified Staffing Professional is a great accomplishment. It means I’m knowledgeable in Federal and State Employment Laws. This has helped me in all aspects of my position as Risk Manager. The feeling of value I get when helping our VP and clients make decisions that impact their entire organization is why I go to work each day.

At this point in your life, what do you know for sure? With one idea and a team of compassionate individuals, there are no limits. We can be a force for positive change and impact in the community. I have found my passion in providing new shoes to kids in poverty and have an obligation to myself to continue this mission.

“Jamie has driven new programs and initiatives that make and save our company money. Others look to her for direction and expertise.” - Paul Bossert, Premier Employment Solutions & Key Staffing

“Jamie is a young professional who has established a track record of business success, and a strong commitment to volunteer efforts within the community.” - Larry Robbins, Topeka Public Schools

“Jamie’s volunteer spirit led her to join the Topeka South Rotary where another member and she developed a program to provide shoes and socks to needy school children. This program is called Sole Mates and has provided new shoes and socks to 921 Topeka Public School’s students.” - Larry Robbins, Topeka Public Schools

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