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20 Under 40: Randy Schumacher

20 Under 40: Randy Schumacher

Photo by Nathan Ham

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, University of Kansas Doctor of Medicine, University of Kansas School of Medicine

Hometown:  Topeka, KS Spouse:  Hannah Schumacher Kids:  Oliver (7), Lucy (4), Theo (2)

Age: 33

3 Words: Compassionate Flexible Witty

Role Model: My father has always been my role model. Despite his busy schedule at work he always made time for my interests and activities and helped shape the man I am today.

Best Advice Received: Never pet a burning dog. – My Father

Superpower: Empathy. I think that my greatest strength is the ability to connect and understand what other’s needs are.

Accomplishments Most Proud Of:

Personal: My kids are my biggest accomplishment, and not just having kids, but seeing the people they are shaping into, makes me proud to be their father.

Career: When I started at PediatricCare, I took over for my pediatrician growing up, Dr. Patrick. This was a big honor for me as he has always been someone I have looked up to.

At this point in your life, what do you know for sure? I know I have a lot left to live and learn.

“Without need for recognition and without personal gain in mind, Dr. Schumacher works to make Shawnee County better from the inside out, starting with our most vulnerable population, our children.” - Sara Hortenstine, United Way of Greater Topeka

“Dr. Schumacher recognizes that even one abused or neglected child in our community is one too many.” - Sara Hortenstine, United Way of Greater Topeka

“In addition to being a super and excellent quality physician, he has already distinguished himself in leadership of our Patient-Centered Medical Home project as a part of the Physician Advisory Committee.” - Eric Voth, M.D., FACP, Stormont-Vail HealthCare

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