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20 Under 40: Rachel Sachs

20 Under 40: Rachel Sachs

Photo by Nathan Ham

Education: Bachelor of Arts Emphasis in Advertising from Washburn University
Masters in Business Administration from Baker University

Hometown: Topeka, KS Spouse: Robby Kids: Delaney (4), Barrett (deceased)

Age: 32

3 Words: Brave Loyal Driven

Role Model: That's an easy one, my daughter Delaney is my role model. Delaney was born weighing only 1 lb. 10 oz. and my son Barrett was born weighing 1 lb. 8 oz. At one week old, the twins were given a 40% survival rate. Unfortunately at just nine days old Barrett lost his battle.

Delaney had a very rough road ahead and has truly overcome all of the odds and obstacles that were set against her. Delaney came home with an NG tube and an apnea monitor. Two days prior to me returning to work, she was at 100% oral aversion. We had a nanny come to the house to provide for her while my husband and I worked. Numerous times we would have to leave work immediate to re-insert her NG tube after she had pulled it out. We would often wake up in the middle of the night to find she had ripped out her NG tube and would have to restrain her to re-insert her feeding tube through her nose into her stomach.

She had her first surgery at only six months old. We traveled back and forth to Children’s Mercy Hospital to see various specialists; and to Lawrence to an ophthalmology specialist for her eyes. The strain that our family endured the first year of her life still leaves me in awe, and I wonder how we were able to do it.

Delaney is truly my little miracle baby and continues to amaze me every day. Her strength and perseverance in overcoming all of the battles that have been thrown at her are inspiration to me and everyone who knows her story. Every time I look at her, I forget all of the trivial things in life that do not matter, and continue looking forward to and striving to be the best mother, wife and leader for my family that I can be.

Best Advice Received: I grew up playing competitive basketball and softball.  At a young age in my sports career, I was taught by my parents that above everything else that being a great teammate is the key to the overall success of the team.  There is never one single player that wins the game.  To have an effective team that wins, it is a collective team effort built on trust, respect for your teammates, and confidence in what you do, making mistakes, and then learning from those mistakes.

Superpower: I have a crazy ability to multi-task and can do so many things at the same time, my husband often asks me if I can just sit down and relax, but that’s not really in my DNA!

Accomplishments Most Proud Of:

Personal: I am most proud of my family. Our family has endured a lot over the past four years, and our family continues to push forward with an optimistic outlook on life. The odds were against us, and we have been able to come together and grow stronger as a family because of the challenges that we have overcome.

Career: When I started at AE in 2010 as a Case Manager, I was the fourth team member in the life division. It has been so rewarding seeing the growth that our team has had and to know that I took part in helping form that growth. We have now grown to 50 associates! When I stepped into my official leadership role as director in 2013, it was a challenge for me to overcome and to earn the respect of my fellow team members in that capacity. Through my experience, I have learned a lot about leadership. I have learned the importance of maintaining professional relationships and not letting personal relationships interfere.  I have learned about leading the team toward a common goal even though the processes weren't the most popular, but most importantly, I have learned to lead by example.

At this point in your life, what do you know for sure? I know to hang on to the ones you hold closest and never let go; life is short and can change at the drop of a hat. I strive to live my life to the fullest with those I love and give back to those organizations that I truly cherish.

“Rachel is a key leader on our Life Insurance Team here at Advisors Excel. She came in on the ground floor five years ago to a new start-up division with a team at that time of just five people. She did the tough work, getting her hands dirty in learning and developing systems so that today we now have a team of over 50 people.” - David Callanan, Advisors Excel

“Rachel shows up every day with an amazing attitude and heart to improve herself and others.” - David Callanan, Advisors Excel

“Rachel is smart, creative, innovative and a true leader. Her demonstrated leadership and vision have made a positive impact on our organization.” - Ken Jackson, Greater Kansas Chapter March of Dimes

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