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From Passion To Profit | @MADMADDIEVMUA

From Passion To Profit | @MADMADDIEVMUA

Emma Highfill | Photographer

Over the last 18 months, she has used Instagram to turn her passion into a business. She started out posting video tutorials showing people how to apply make-up. She gathered followers and good feedback, then people started asking her to do make-up for formal events such as prom. Maddie filmed these jobs and posted them, which led to more jobs. Last year she did the make-up and hair for the school play, and this fall she is booked for a wedding.

“I put myself out there,” she said, “and one thing just led to another.”

Maddie promotes her services solely through social media. She often posts that she will be available for limited bookings for special events, and her list fills up fast.

“Instagram is a great way to connect with people and get the word out about what you’re doing,” Maddie said. “Generations to come will definitely continue to use social media to show their creations and advertise.”

Maddie says that she would consider taking some classes in business, but her focus is on make-up. She would like to take classes to become an esthetician, focusing on skin care, make-up, and beauty consulting, and she dreams of ultimately becoming a make-up artist for celebrities. In the meantime, Maddie sees a lot of opportunities to do what she loves.

“I like to help people find products that work well with their skin, and to help them find looks that boost their confidence,” she said. “I’d love to work with photographers, getting people ready to take great photos, and I hope to work at the MAC counter while I’m attending school.”

Maddie says that a lot of the money she makes goes right back into expanding her kit and buying new products. It is important to her that she have a wide variety of shades and products for people to try.

“Skin tones are so unique,” she said, “and sometimes I have to mix shades to get the color just right. I want to be able to work with anyone who comes to me, so I’m constantly buying new colors.”

Like Santana and Harper, Maddie gives a lot of credit to her family.

“My parents are my number one supporters,” she said. “I’m so thankful for them. They’re willing to open up our home when I do consults, and my mom has helped me a lot with supplies, especially when I was getting started.”

Friends at the MAC counter also played a part, by giving her encouragement and telling her that she has a real talent for make-up.

“They told me to follow my dreams,” she said. “They made me realize that what I’m doing is good enough to put it out there.”

Maddie says that it’s important for anyone getting started in business to have a support system.

“When you have people behind you, it gives you the drive to go further,” she said.

Her best advice to young entrepreneurs is to avoid burnout, so that the work stays fun.

“I do other activities that inspire me and keep me creative,” she said, “and school always comes first. You have to balance today with the future, but always find time for your passion.”


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