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Helping bankers get off of the commodity hamster wheel

Helping bankers get off of the commodity hamster wheel

For every banker who wants to get off the commodity hamster wheel, Beyond Sticky, by Martha Bartlett Piland, is a first-of-its-kind book on bank marketing, innovation and branding. It’s filled with guidance on building a value-driven brand by connecting all departments in the bank.

“We see many bankers experiencing the same headaches,” says Bartlett Piland, Beyond Sticky author and illustrator. The industry is highly regulated, and is often perceived as a commodity. “This book has sections on brand, culture, innovation, business development and customer experience. Each of these elements working in concert is essential to differentiating a brand and delivering value. That’s how to earn and retain the customer loyalty that generates longterm revenue and profit.”

not just for marketers
Not just for marketers, the sticky bank brand of the future is also built by human resources, operations, sales, and all other departments within the bank working together. “All departments in a financial institution have a customer touchpoint directly or indirectly,” says Bartlett Piland. “When everyone’s efforts and activities are aligned, all brand touchpoints are authentic and relatable. The brand experience is more powerful for customers and builds greater engagement and loyalty with employees.”

product details

  • Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing

  • 176 pages

  • Retail price $14.99

  • Book Categories

  • BUS002000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Advertising & Promotion

  • BUS004000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Banks & Banking

Beyond Sticky is available for online order and delivery now at https://www.banktastic.agency.

It is also available for pre-order at all major booksellers for shipping beginning September 1.


about the author/illustrator
Martha Bartlett Piland is an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur. Some call her a business personal trainer.

In 1998, she founded MB Piland Advertising + Marketing. The agency has a reputation for razor sharp strategy and killer creative. Bartlett Piland’s forward-focused vision led to the creation of BANKTASTIC, a branding and marketing consultancy that focuses on community banks and organizations that serve them.

Bartlett Piland is a prolific writer and regular contributor to the American Bankers Association Journal. Her award-winning book Culturing Creative, was published in 2015. Beyond Sticky is her second book.

She’s the inventor of TRANSFORMOTION™ in a Box, a subscription-based innovation tool.

Martha is a highly-sought speaker and has traveled across the US and Canada—and as far as China—speaking on branding and marketing strategy, facilitating retreats, and giving motivational talks.

She is widely regarded as not only a marketing industry expert but as an innovative entrepreneur and business leader. In 2017, she was inducted into the Kansas Business Hall of Fame.

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