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Topeka Firm Shooting Documentary at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Topeka Firm Shooting Documentary at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

A team from Sprout Creative is in San Francisco to begin shooting a documentary about the installation of a net at the Golden Gate Bridge. The net will be installed to prevent those who jump from the bridge from ending their lives by suicide. The documentary, titled "The Net," will chronicle the installation of net and speak to individuals both impacted by suicide and those who oppose the project.

"We are honored to be part of telling this important story, and hope it will be instrumental in saving lives in the future," said Caleb Asher, owner of Sprout Creative. "We first met Kevin while he was in town (through Family Service Guidance Center) to talk to local high school students about suicide prevention. He and his father have worked tirelessly to raise awareness, and funds, to place a net under the Golden Gate Bridge. When completed, they expect the net to save countless lives."

Kevin Hines, Founder and President of the Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation, explains why he is so passionate about the work at the bridge. "What some have called the greatest man-made structure ever created will finally become the largest, and greatest, beacon of hope for suicide prevention around the world," said Hines. Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the bridge in 2003. While he survived, most do not. After much controversy and debate, a net will be installed to prevent death by suicide at the bridge. The documentary is being shot to chronicle the installation and all sides of the story. More information about the film can be found below.

"Kevin Hines' story has been an inspiration to me for a long time. One of the first projects I saw of his is what woke my soul to tell stories that change lives," said Andrew Ross, director of video at Sprout Creative and producer/videographer of "The Net." "One of the things that excites me the most about this documentary is telling a story that transforms a well know icon, that not all people have a positive connection to, into a place of hope."

Story from KTVU San Francisco that appeared July 12

The Net - Creative Brief
A Documentary
by Kevin Hines & Andrew (Whitey) Ross


A journalistic, historical, unbiased, and humanist view of the Golden Gate Bridge suicides and the fight between two unlikely rivals who eventually came together with one mission, to end the needless deaths at the Golden Gate Bridge and save lives.

The Net Teaser:

The Net Documentary is a film about how a small group of people can make big changes. Its main message is one of perseverance, hope and saving lives. The Golden Gate Bridge became a harbinger of death, a place where people went to end their life and their pain. The impact of the losses were felt far and wide by their loved ones and the San Francisco community as a whole, however the battle to raise nets at the iconic structure always failed. The film will explore how the bridge became such a place of darkness but also how out of such tragedy, people came together to change and save lives. The Golden Gate Bridge Board, The Bridge Rail Foundation, Bridge Watch Angels and the community pulled their resources together and decided to end the senseless deaths at the most beautiful man made structure ever created. What some call the 9th wonder of the world. A journey that has spanned nearly 83 years, many losses, plenty of tears, setbacks and rejections, will finally see that as of 2021 not one more life will be lost to that bridge. It is a film dedicated to the people we lost and the idea that a collective effort by those who originally were on opposing sides, can come together to change the world. Showing us that opposing forces can unite to make a massive difference shifting the narrative of a city forever.  

The Team:

Executive Producers:
Susan Berger - International Bipolar Foundation - Executive Producer

KM Hines Foundation - Executive Producer

17th & Montgomery Productions - Executive Producer

Sprout Creative - Executive Producer

Prya Clemens - Communications Director - Golden Gate Bridge Board - Executive Producer

Kevin Hines - Co Director/Co Producer

Andrew Whitey Ross - Co Director/Co Producer

Paul Muller - President The Bridge Rail Foundation - Producer

Kevin Hines

Andrew Whitey Ross


  • Directors: Kevin Hines & Andrew "Whitey" Ross

  • Videographers: Andrew "Whitey" Ross

  • Editor: Andrew "Whitey" Ross



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Helping bankers get off of the commodity hamster wheel