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First Job Series: Braden Dimick

First Job Series: Braden Dimick

First Job:

Field Maintenance | Cowley County Fairgrounds


I was responsible for prepping seven baseball and softball fields at the Cowley County Fairgrounds. Each day I would load my trusty Gator with a chalk spreader used to make the batters boxes and foul lines, bags of white chalk, a field rake, metal screen drag and quick dry if the fields were wet, and then drive to each field to prep them for games.

Why this job?

As a kid I loved playing baseball and just enjoyed being at the ball diamonds. So I thought it would be the perfect job for me. I could prep the diamonds during the day and get to play on them in the evening.

Best Memory

I misplaced the keys to the Gator and was scared that I would get in trouble. So, I loaded all the supplies into the back of my truck and drove to each of the fields to prep. I had to hand drag each field with the metal screen drag that was designed to be pulled behind the Gator. Everything took twice as long, and my muscles were screaming for mercy. The real kicker is that I still had to call my boss at the end of the day and let him know that I misplaced the keys. That’s when I found out there was a spare hanging on the wall a few feet away from the Gator.

Life Lesson

I learned that if you make a mistake, it’s best to own up to it right away, as the resolution is always easier than trying to hide or ignore the mistake.

Teen Advice

Do your best. Ask questions. Don’t not be afraid to admit to your mistakes, but be sure you learn from them. With any job, there will be things that you like and dislike. Just remember that you work so that you can live, don’t fall into the trap of living to work.

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