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First Job Series: Dawna McCabe

First Job Series: Dawna McCabe

First job:

Checkout Clerk | Kmart in SE Topeka (now closed)

Age 16 | $3.25/hr


Manually (as there were no scanners) rang up customer merchandise and took/exchanged money for payment.

Why this job?

My mom saw a “hiring” sign in the Kmart front window and came home and asked me if I was interested. I had just got my first new “used” car and needed a way to make the payments. I hopped in my car, filled out an application and got a call immediately that I had the job.

Best Memory

This is where I met, and six years later married, my future husband, Mark. Truth be told, on days where we worked the same shift, I use to sometimes call for “price checks” for the items in his department (even though I already knew the price) just so I could see him for a moment.

Life Lesson

“Unfortunately, until now I couldn’t have thought of anything at Kmart that impacted my career path, but it was a means to an end at the time (car payment). I worked with some really great people and some not- so-great people. I believe it really taught me that you have to learn to get along with everyone and that all of our differences are a great teaching tool to what you encounter all through any career.”

Teen Advice

Listen. Always be learning. Take responsibility for everything you do (the good and the bad).

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