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Put yourself first for a change. I think most women tend to put their families before themselves and we have to be Heart Healthy, so we can be there for our families!

Why BetterU?
I thought it would be motivating to be with a group of other women who face the same challenges I experience on a daily basis. I also felt like having someone keep me on track would hold me more accountable!

Success with BetterU
I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds thus far and am hoping to lose more as I continue this journey.

One Goal Achieved
One goal I had when I started this journey was to learn more about healthier food choices. Our group had a nutritionist talk to us about healthier alternatives to use as replacements and what our daily intake of certain foods should be.  I’ve been trying to make healthier choices when shopping and cooking.

Unknown-1Favorite Part of BetterU
My favorite part of the program was getting together as a group on Thursdays with the other Better U participants. Everyone opening up and sharing their personal stories was inspirational.

Biggest Obstacle
My biggest obstacle was to find the time and energy to work out during the week. One thing I’ve learned along the way is that move is move. If I couldn’t find the time for a full workout then I would park further out in the parking lot when shopping or take the stairs. Just trying to remember to not be as sedentary throughout the day!

Inspiration for Others
If I can do this anyone else can. It takes a little bit of courage putting yourself out there in front of everyone and great motivators like Kaye (our personal trainer) and Gail (Better U Committee chair) to keep encouraging us along the way!

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