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Blind Tiger Brewery Acquires Giant Painting of "The History of Beer"

The Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant has engaged an accomplished artist, Brian Timmer of Lawrence, Kansas, to create a large painting to enhance the ambiance at the Blind Tiger.  The painting has been completed and was mounted at the Blind Tiger today. unnamed[1]

The painting, is twelve feet wide and four feet high, and is done in many bright colors with acrylic paint.  The theme is "The History of Beer."  Elements in the painting form a tableau which includes beer making in ancient Egypt, barley fields, medieval monks making beer, hop fields, both the beginning and end of prohibition, the Craft Beer movement, and the Blind Tiger Brewery.

"This painting has a classic Kansas sunset, barley fields and hop fields, and it moves through history, from ancient Egypt, to monastic hospitality, to British experimentation with hops, and onward to prohibition, and its counter movement.  The painting continues with 20th century mass bottling, today's microbrewery explosion, and our own Blind Tiger Brewery," said Brian Timmer, artist. "This painting has multiple vanishing points with the hops fields being the most dominant.  It's like a big "W" going from the pyramid to the stove, to the cross on the church, back down to the barrels, and then vanishing back up to the sky by the brew tanks.  My hope is that the eye moves fluidly through the rich history of one of Humanity's most cherished beverages - beer."

"This painting is awesome.  We are so happy to have it," said Jay Ives, majority owner of The Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant.  "Brian Timmer has done a great job capturing the spirit and enjoyment of Craft Beer.  Our patrons will be enjoying this painting for many years to come.  It has already become part of our identity."

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