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tara1By Tara Dimick I am starting to despise the word, "change." When I hear it, it's like fingernails down a chalkboard. It makes my skin crawl. Change is constant. It can be good or bad. Positive or negative. What it can't be is neutral. Yet that's what it is starting to become--just another overused word without any meaning, an idea without action.

We hear of "change" often. We're going to change this, and then we're going to change that. But what often happens is nothing, or worse, broken promises that chisel away at our foundation.

I don't want change. I want progress. I want community. I want prosperity.

Progress has to be smart. It has to make sense. Sometimes it takes money and implementation, other times it just takes a commitment of will, desire and passion. Most times it takes both. But nothing can progress effectively without the community--a trusting community.

We all must do our part to be plugged in to what Topeka has to offer, to engage in conversations with people of all opinions, not to battle, but to understand. Bottom line we all have to come together and contribute to move towards prosperity.

So enough of this word "change." Let's continue to progress and prosper... together.




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