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Great Expectations – Rich’s Rule #9

By Rich Drinon Great Expectations – You Must Be Seen as Competent

It’s one thing to be competent and another thing to be perceived as such.  Being seen as competent often means you must be good on your feet, able to lead meetings, capable of speaking in front of groups and even adept at facing news cameras during a crisis or in damage control situations.

You may be completely capable of doing  your job and comfortable communicating from behind your desk, on your phone or computer, or with your team in intimate settings or friends and family over drinks or dinner – but when the heat is on in tough situations you must stand and deliver or stumble and lose credibility.

In the same way that rolling up your sleeves and helping out in tough situations allows you be seen as leading by example, taking opportunities to shine when the time is right helps you be perceived as competent.  For this reason I’ve chosen Your Must Be Seen As Competent as Rich’s Rule # 9.



Rich Photo Beige Background DRich Drinon, M.A., is President of Drinon & Associates.  He provides group training and individual coaching for leaders, mangers and other executives. www.drinonandassociates.com


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