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coryChief Operations Officer at Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from San Jose State University


From childhood, my grandmother has always been my hero. Being the son of teenage parents, my grandmother instilled the values and morals in me that I embrace today. She always pushed me to succeed both academically and athletically blessing me with many of the opportunities that led me on my current path. Without the love and support of my grandmother, I would likely be a very different man in an unforgiving place. 

Best advice you have received:
Always have a plan B and C.

Biggest fear: 

If you had 10 minutes to talk to anyone, who would it be and what would you ask them? 
I would utilize this opportunity to speak with Martin Luther King Jr. with conversation topics that include the history of his famous speech, today’s current events, racism today and his perspective on the strides for equality. His quest for racial equality is particularly inspiring, being that he is credited with the implementation of the movement that has given so many people opportunities they may not have otherwise had. 


  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka-Mentor    
  • YMCA- Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach    
  • USD 501- Watchdogs    
  • City of Topeka-Men’s Basketball Team

“Cory exemplifies the "pay it forward" concept. Learning from his childhood, he has taken those lessons to work with the at-risk youth of the Topeka community. He took a promise he made to himself as a youth to give back through whichever avenue necessary. As a young professional to have his most rewarding accomplishment be the witnessing to the development of the youth and provide the support that young men so desperatly seek is admirable. Cory leads by example, making him an outstanding 20 Under 40 honoree.”
- Nancy Johnson, Community Resources Council