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Chris McGeeFinancial Consultant for Krumins McGee Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Economics from Washburn University


Although only two years of age, my son Ethan is my hero. Shortly after birth, Ethan experienced a stroke that has resulted in delays in gross and fine motor skills as well as speech. Despite these delays, he works hard every day to learn and develop these skills. He doesn’t complain or cry when we ask him to work a little harder, or push him to try something new. I know that there are times during a swim, bike or run workout that I think to myself, “I can’t go any farther.” Then I think about Ethan and how hard he works every day and I push on… if he can do it, so can I!

Best advice received: 
“Be yourself… everyone else is taken.” – 7th grade teacher

Biggest fear:
My biggest fear is getting stretched too thin with work and other organizational obligations that I miss out on the little things in life with my family and friends.

If you had 10 minutes to talk to anyone, who would it be and what would you ask them?
I would want to talk to Benjamin Graham. Mr. Graham was a finance professor at the Columbia Business School and has had great influence on Warren Buffet as well as others in the financial industry. Mr. Buffett considered Mr. Graham the most influential person in his investment strategies. I would want to talk to him and find out if he ever thought that being a professor would result in educating some of the finest financial minds of the time, who in turn created billions of dollars of wealth in our economy. His teachings and lessons are continuing to influence decisions 85 years after he began his teaching career. Warren Buffett is considered the most successful investor of the 20th century, but he owes it all to Benjamin Graham.


  • Downtown Topeka Rotary: President Elect
  • Topeka Community Foundation: Board of Directors, Chair – Community Investment Committee; Financial Advisors Committee
  • Topeka Symphony Endowment Board: Trustee
  • Topeka Active 20-30 Club: Member

“Chris is an over-and-above type of person. He's a quiet leader who may not make a show of what he's doing, but you can count on his performance to exceed all expectations. Others notice too, and it's evident by the leadership roles he's held with numerous community organizations—and his clients—who trust him completely.”
- Martha Bartlett Piland, MB Piland


20 Under 40: CHERIE MCGINNIS, 36

20 Under 40: CHERIE MCGINNIS, 36