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DavidTeacher at Eisenhower Middle School
PM Academy Administrator for Topeka Public Schools

Bachelors of  Arts in Education (Certified K-9 general, K-12 math) from Kansas State University 
Masters in Education Administration from Emporia State University 


My wife is my hero because she is an amazing mother to our children and she is an awesome wife.  On a daily basis I am amazed at how she coordinates everything from keeping our house clean to the schedules of our busy lives.  She somehow does in one day what it would take me a week to do.  I sometimes wonder if she has some kind of super human powers.  She is caring, compassionate, loving and fun.  I would truly be lost without her.  

Best advice received:
My grandfather told me to always strive to get better at whatever I am doing.  The second you think you are the best, you get passed.  He told me to make sure I never “wear blinders.”  Don’t be so narrowly focused that I miss out on the big picture.

If you had 10 minutes to talk to anyone, who would it be and what would you ask them?
I would choose Bill Gates because of the amount of money he donates per year to education.  I would like to discuss with him the successes of data driven instruction, specifically the DAR (data assessment recording) method and the impact it could have on classrooms across the country with the backing of such a high profile individual.  Likewise, it would be a good experience to speak with someone who is a leader when it comes to public education and innovation.

Topeka Public Schools

  • Teacher
  • PM Academy Administrator
  • District Curriculum and Assessment Team
  • Mentor Teacher
  • 8th Grade Team Leader
  • Math Department Co-Chair

Education Consultant 

  • I present at conferences and schools about Data Assessment Recording and the impact on achievement that it translates to.

“Finding success in the educational world can be an arduous journey.  However, I believe David Richard may have found the path.  His educational reforms and their apparent success is cause for celebration.  What is more impressive is that David has taken on the duty of implementing the program himself, thereby making the success even sweeter.”
- Nathan McAlister, 2010 Gilder-Lehrman National History Teacher of the Year