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michelleEmergency Physician and Emergency Department Medical Director for Stormont-Vail HealthCare

Bachelors from Kansas State University
Doctor of Medicine from University of Kansas Medical Center 


My husband Kevin is my hero.  When I was offered the medical director position, our son Luke was only six weeks old and our daughter Anna was not even two.  Encouraging me to take the position definitely added a huge amount of work and stress into his life.  In addition, Kevin is also one of the emergency physicians in our department so as the medical director I became his “boss”. (at work anyway!) He has always encouraged and supported me and willingly picks up the slack at home so I can commit the necessary hours to work and volunteering.  He reminds me daily how proud he is of me and I simply couldn’t imagine life without him.  He is also a wonderful physician, an amazing father and such a great role model for our children.

Biggest fear:
I think any physician who is honest with themselves would have to answer  that inadvertently harming a patient is their greatest fear.  An emergency physician is faced with life and death decisions that often must be made in a matter of minutes when it involves the care of a critical patient.  My job humbles me every day and reminds me how valuable and precious life is.

If you had 10 minutes to talk to anyone, who would it be and what would you ask them?
I have always had enormous respect for Mother Theresa.  She was the ultimate servant.  She sacrificed her entire life to serve others.  I would ask her how she was so easily able to give up every worldly possession and relentlessly served the poor.  I would also ask her how she managed to maintain such a positive attitude in the midst of so much suffering.

Circleville Christian Church “Little People” after school program teacher
Northest Kansas Rural Health Alliance:
I provide educational opportunities to surrounding rural communities by either visiting in person for lectures or via webinar where outside hospitals call in and view presentations via the web.

“Michelle is a true Renaissance woman. As an emergency physician, she's lead a team to significant quality achievements, providing care to people in great need. But she's also an accomplished cook, a woman of faith, a volunteer and creative teacher. Her accomplishments are many, and she's quick to share credit with those around her.”