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Greater Topeka 20 Under 40: CANDIS MEERPOHL

4-H Youth Development Agent
K-State Research & Extension

candiswebAge: 31
Education: University of Kansas, BS
Hometown: Hanston, KS
Spouse: Kelly Meerpohl
Children: Daryl (6) and Alex (2)

Best Advice Ever Received:
“When you get a job, show up, be early and do your work.”  - Rod Thomasson, Colby Community College Professor

Accomplishment Most Proud Of:
My first career was four and a half years at Central National Bank climbing the company ladder until I was a branch manager in Topeka. My employers were happy with my performance, but I was not happy with my career track. When I left the bank in 2009, I did not have another job lined up, I just felt I needed to take some time to really figure out what I was suppose to be doing.

Through some trial and error, I found my 4-H family in Shawnee County. I also found out that I was created to serve other people. I am a hard worker and I believe in positive change. When you have that passion you can motivate those around you to help as well.

WOW Factor:

  • Has been a “Big” since 2007 in Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Knit Topeka Club Member.
  • Teaching Robotics Technology Camp.


“She is a leader who is well-prepared, goal-oriented and results driven. It’s fun to work with her; a smile never leaves her face.”

- Nancy K. Daniels


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